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Futuna & Alofi Map 
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Futuna & Alofi map

Futuna and Alofi Map

Futuna and Alofi are high volcanic islands reaching 524 meters at Mt Puke on Futuna. Only a fringing reef surrounds Futuna and the best swimming spots are off black volcanic rocks at the island's northern tip. Alofi has a good beach at Alofitai, protected by an offshore reef.

The 5,000 inhabitants of Futuna are related to the Samoans. They live in small villages along the road around Futuna but Alofi is unihabited. Many Futuna locals have gardens on Alofi and visit to gather vegetables.

French missionaries arrived in 1837, and in 1841 Father Pierre Chanel was clubbed to death at Poi, becoming the South Pacific's first Catholic saint. Other than the church at Poi, sightseeing is usually limited to driving the 35-kilometer road around Futuna with a stop at a blue hole at Point Oneliki.

Futuna doesn't have a large commercial wharf and ships must anchor off Leava.

The airstrip at the southeast end of Futuna receives daily flights from Wallis but none from outside the territory. It's fairly easy to hitch a ride over to Alofi from a beach near the airstrip.

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