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Wallis & Futuna map

Wallis and Futuna Map

Wallis and Futuna is a little known French territory between Fiji and Samoa.

These islands fell under French colonial rule in 1887 after Catholic missionaries converted the Polynesian population.

The colony has never served any purpose for France and lives today largely from French subsidies. A tiny tricolor flag on the map of the world is France's reward for its largess.

The population of Wallis and Futuna islands is around 14,000 but a greater number of expatriate Wallisians live and work in nickel-rich New Caledonia.

Futuna's neighbor, Alofi, has no permanent inhabitants although many locals have gardens there.

Wallis is a low volcanic island surrounded by a barrier reef while Futuna and Alofi are high volcanic islands with fringing reefs.

Both Wallis and Futuna have a few small hotels and you can fly there from Noumea, Nadi, and Papeete.

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