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Tonga Map

The Kingdom of Tonga is the only Pacific country never colonized by Europeans. A king still rules from his palace in the capital, Nukualofa. In 2010 Tonga achieved a measure of democracy when a small majority of members of parliament began being elected by the people. However, the king and nobles retain considerable power.

Our Tonga map reveals the four island groups, the Niuas, Vavau, Haapai, and Tongatapu, all joined by regular ferry and air services.

Tongatapu is the government and business center, Haapai is noted for its beaches, and Vavau is one of the Pacific's top yachting centers.

Tonga's hotels and resorts are rather basic, but the history, living Polynesian culture, and many activities compensate for a lot.

Tongan handicrafts like tapa cloth are renowned, the feasts are gargantuan, and the traditional dancing is stately.

The beach hotels offer activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, and fishing. There's also wildlife viewing, from flying foxes ashore to humpback whales on the open water.

The only air services to Tonga are from Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji and most visitors will transit one of those countries on their way here.

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