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Munda map

Munda Map

Munda on the southwest side of New Georgia Island in Western Province, Solomon Islands, is the administrative, educational, tourism, and business center of New Georgia. In fact, it's just a small village next to a vast airfield built by the Japanese during World War Two.

The administrative offices and most of the small guest houses and hotels are near the air terminal at Lambete. The United Church runs a large hospital at Kokenggolo. Noro, 16 kilometers northwest of Lambete by road, is the base for much of the Solomon Islands tuna fishing fleet.

Small resorts are on Hobupeka and Hopei islands in the Roviana Lagoon and on Lola Island in the Vonavona Lagoon. Sport fishing is a specialty at Lola Island. A dive shop at Munda organizes scuba diving.

Traditional burial and archaeological sites with ancient bones and stones are found at various points around the lagoons, including Roviana Island and Kundu Point. The guest houses organize motorized canoe trips to these places and customary admission fees are charged.

The weekly ferries between Honiara and Gizo call at Munda. There's no wharf and passengers are transferred from ship to shore by small boat. The ferry also ties up to the wharf at Noro after passing through the scenic Diamond Narrows. Munda Airstrip receives flights from Honiara and Gizo several times a day.


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