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Marovo Lagoon Map 
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Marovo Lagoon map

Marovo Lagoon Map

The Marovo Lagoon in Western Province, Solomon Islands, is the largest lagoon in the world with a double barrier reef system. Two strings of long narrow islands shelter this 700-square-kilometer lagoon. Southwest of Njae Passage between Seghe and Patutiva is the equally beautiful Nono Lagoon.

The low coral islands along the reef have sparkling white beaches with great scuba diving in the passes and along the dropoff. Hundreds of tiny islands dot the lagoons which are perfect for sea kayaking. Gatokae, Vangunu, and New Georgia islands are high volcanic islands with seaside mangroves backed by virgin rainforests.

About a dozen small eco-resorts have been created around the Marovo and Nono lagoons near Biche, Paeva, Sombiro, Mbili Passage, Batuna, Cheke, Charapoana and Uepi islands, Michi, Mbareho, and Matikuri Island. The accommodations are thatched and local seafood is served. Uepi Island is the most upscale of these, but Wilderness Lodge near Paeva and Vanua Rapita near Michi are also well known.

Some 11,000 Solomon Islanders live in 50 small villages on the lagoons. Their woodcarvings are famous. Though considered for UNESCO World Heritage Site status, the Marovo Lagoon is threatened by foreign loggers and oil palm plantation projects.

Getting there is relatively easy as the weekly ferries between Honiara and Gizo tie up to a wharf at Patutiva and the airstrip at Seghe receives several Solomon Airlines flights a day. Yet this area is still natural and travel around the lagoon is by motorized outrigger canoe.