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Solomon Islands Map

Solomon Islands is a vast archipelago of 922 islands, 347 of them inhabited. It stretches from Papau New Guinea toward Fiji along the northeastern edge of Melanesia.

During World Two great battles were fought around what is now Honiara, the capital city on the island of Guadalcanal.

One of the last corners of the Pacific to be Christianized and ultimately colonized, Solomon Islands is still considered an arch of instability today. This reputation is undeserved as the bulk of the country is quite safe.

Munda and Gizo in the west are dive destinations, yet Solomon Islands caters best to the adventure traveler in search of the untouched South Seas.

Hotels are not plentiful, but a close examination of our Solomon Islands map reveals the many travel possibilities.

The war relics, lush rainforests, and virgin reefs are unsurpassed. Those capable of getting beyond the evening news will discover a fascinating South Pacific country.


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