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Savaii, Samoa map

Savaii Map, Samoa

Savaii is Samoa's largest and highest island, though it's less developed than neighboring Upolu. Under a quarter of independent Samoa's people live here, and the only settlement which approaches town status is Salelologa, where the car ferry from Mulifanua, Upolu, ties up.

A paved 177-kilometer highway travels right around Savaii Island, passing manicured villages, taro and coconut plantations, friendly people, lava flows, waterfalls, and white sandy beaches. The interior is jungly and seldom visited.

Just west of Maota is the Pulemelei Stone Pyramid, Polynesia's largest archaeological monument. Other notable sights of Savaii include the Taga blowholes, the somewhat overrated Rain Forest Canopy Walkway near Falealupo, several lava tubes off the north coast highway, and the beaches of Satuiatua, Manase, and Lano.

Savaii Island doesn't have any large resort hotels, but there are clusters of inexpensive family-run beach resorts at Satuiatua, Faga, and especially Manase.

At these you can enjoy a simple South Pacific vacation for very little, with an adequate place to stay, reasonable local meals and entertainment, and a variety of sightseeing and sporting activities. It's almost paradise.

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