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Oeno island map

Oeno Island Map

Uninhabited Oeno Island, 128 km northwest of Pitcairn Island, is one of the four components of the Pitcairn Islands Group. (Henderson and Ducie islands to the east are the other two islands.) All four were annexed by Britain in 1902 and remain today the last British possession in the South Pacific.

Unlike Pitcairn and Henderson, Ducie and Oeno both have central lagoons inaccessible to shipping. Passing Japanese freighters often dump garbage in these waters and tankers illegally flush their holds, as the trash and tar littering the beaches of these remote atolls clearly proves.

Oeno is a tiny 5.1-square-km atoll visited from time to time by the Pitcairners to collect shells, coral, and pandanus leaves to use in their handicrafts. The fishing is also good at Oeno. Longboats and zodiacs can enter the shallow lagoon through Boat Passage on the north side.

In 1969 and 1970 Oeno was used by the U.S. Air Force as a satellite observation post. In 2001 a New Zealand company submitted a proposal to build a 1,200-meter runway and deluxe tourist lodge on Oeno, but nothing has yet been done.

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