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Pitcairn Islands Map

Pitcairn Island is the only inhabited island of the four islands and atolls comprising the British Dependent Territory of Pitcairn between Tahiti and Easter Island. Ducie, Henderson, and Oeno are uninhabited by humans although large colonies of seabirds dwell there.

Pitcairn is famous mostly as the last refuge of the Bounty mutineers led by Fletcher Christian, who settled there in 1790. Around 50 of the 65 permanent inhabitants today are direct descendants of the mutineers and their Tahitian wives.

No hotel exists on Pitcairn Island, nor is there any airport. Supplies are brought in on container ships which stop for a few hours en route from New Zealand to Panama.

Cruise ships call occasionally, but passengers can only disembark at the rough landing on Bounty Bay when weather conditions are good.

Yachts sometimes sail here from Easter Island or French Polynesia. Handicrafts and Pitcairn Island stamps are the souvenirs they carry away.

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