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Niue map

Niue Map

Niue is a one-island dependency of New Zealand between the Kingdom of Tonga and Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. New Zealand currency is used and the people of Niue are citizens of New Zealand.

It's a gigantic elevated atoll which has been uplifted out of the sea at least twice. The coral cliffs surrounding the island have been deeply eroded by the waves, creating the chasms and caves which are Niue's greatest attractions today. Some of these are marked on our Niue map but there's much more for the explorer to discover.

Under 1,400 people live on Niue (compared to the 20,000 Niueans resident in New Zealand). Niue Island has a few hotels and resorts to serve the visitor, and basic services such as restaurants, rental cars, and dive shops are available.

Air New Zealand has a weekly flight to Niue from Auckland. This makes laid back Niue a potential vacation destination for the adventuresome traveler in search of something really new.

Niue offers good hiking in the forests or to the coastal caves, snorkeling with harmless sea snakes, whale watching (June to November), and deep sea fishing, plus the relaxing local lifestyle. It's just the place to get of the beaten tourist track.

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