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Lifou map

Lifou Island Map

Lifou, largest and most populous of the Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia, is the largest elevated atoll in the South Pacific, a bigger island than Tahiti. It's generally flat with limestone cliffs and caves along part of the coast.

The administration buildings, larger stores, and main wharf are all in the pleasant small town of We which stretches along Chateaubriand Bay. Lifou's most upscale hotel, the Drehu Village, is also at We, but smaller resorts and pensions are found at Luecilla, Traput, Jozip, Luengoni, Mu, Xodre, Jokin, and Easo.

Wanaham Airport in northern Lifou is connected to Magenta Airport in New Caledonia's capital Noumea several times a day. There are also daily flights to neighbouring Ouvea, Tiga, and Mare. Excellent paved roads connect all of Lifou's villages to Wanaham Airport.

Aside from a few colonial buildings in We and the grand chief's traditional house in Nathalo, the seaside and ocean surrounding Lifou are its greatest attractions. A long beach of white sand is at Luengoni and numerous smaller beaches are tucked into the coastal cliffs elsewhere.

Cruise ships occasionally anchor in Sandalwood Bay which is exceedingly beautiful with lovely Lourdes Chapel high atop a point at Easo. Lifou's scuba diving shop is also at Easo. You'll find many spectacular places to swim and snorkel on this friendly, welcoming island.


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