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New Caledonia Map

New Caledonia (Nouvelle Calédonie) has the second and third longest barrier reefs in the world. Excellent snorkeling and scuba diving are only a swim away.

Grande Terre, the mountainous main island, bears rich deposits of nickel, while the Europeanized capital, Noumea, has hotels, shops, casinos, colleges, and anything else you'd expect to find in a town in southern France.

East of Grande Terre, our New Caledonia map indicates the coral islands of Ouvea, Lifou, Mare, and Isle of Pines. Here the indigenous Kanak culture predominates and the beaches are unsurpassed.

Ferries and aircraft travel regularly from Noumea, providing transportation to the hotels and resorts of the Loyalty Islands.

This big French overseas territory between Fiji and Australia will surprise you in almost every respect.


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