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Taveuni map

Taveuni Map

Taveuni is the fourth largest Fiji island, and in the opinion of many, it's finest. A mountain ridge runs down the length of the "garden island," reaching 1,241 meters at Mount Uluiqalau, Fiji's second highest peak. The abrupt southeast coast is largely uninhabited and the bulk of the population lives in the northwest corner of Taveuni.

A top attraction for visitors is Bouma National Heritage Park with stunning waterfalls, rainforest trails, and a splendid coastal walk. Scuba divers often travel to Taveuni for diving on the Rainbow Reef across Somosomo Strait or on the Vuna Reef off southern Taveuni.

Taveuni Island is a haven for native birds wiped out by the mongoose elsewhere in Fiji. To spot a red-breasted musk parrot, kula lorikeet, or orange-breasted dove in one of Taveuni's coconut palm plantations or up on the misty peaks is a special thrill.

Much Taveuni accommodation is near Matei Airport in the north, where the Taveuni Island Resort, Maravu Plantation Resort, and many other small hotels are found. The romantic vacation set is attracted to Qamea Beach Resort and Matangi Island Resort on Qamea and Matagi islands off eastern Taveuni. Laucala Island was owned by American publisher Malcolm Forbes until his death in 1990.

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