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Kadavu map

Kadavu Map, Fiji

Fiji's third largest island, Kadavu, is shaped like a wasp with two bays almost pinching it apart. Kadavu has few roads, and both islanders and visitors travel to outlying villages and resorts by speedboat from the island's airport at Vunisea.

The Fijian population is fiercely traditional. Most of the people are farmers whose kava roots are used to make Fiji's famous ceremonial beverage, yaqona. Protein is supplied by fish from Kadavu's fringing reefs and by the countless free-range chickens and pigs.

Kadavu is rich in endemic biodiversity. Introduced species such as the mongoose, mynah, bulbul, and cane toad which wiped out native species in most other parts of Fiji haven't reached the island. Among the birds, some species of honeyeaters, fantails, and velvet fruit doves are found only here. The famous red-and-green Kadavu musk parrots are readily seen and heard.

Aside from honeymooners on romantic resort vacations, the most frequent visitors to Kadavu are scuba divers intent on diving the fabulous Astrolabe Reef. Surfers catch their dream waves off Nagigia Island near Nabukelevuira in western Kadavu.

Kadavu Island has many isolated dive resorts, including Matana Beach Resort near Drue and Matava Hideaway on the south coast. Along Ono Channel between Ono and Kadavu islands is a cluster of small beach resorts, with Albert's Place catering to backpackers and others like Waisalima, Tiliva, and Jona's somewhat more upscale.

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