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De Rienzi  Tonga 
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De Rienzi Tonga

In 1836 M.G.L. Domeny de Rienzi's Océanie ou Cinquième Partie du Monde was published by Firmin Didot Frères in Paris, France.

The prints of Tonga which follow are from this classic three-volume work.

The images below are details. To view the complete engravings, click on the thumbnails.

Tongan chief canoes on a reef battle, Tonga theft of a boat

a Tongan chief aboard ship with French officers

early 19th century Tongan canoes on a reef

Tongans battling European explorers

theft of a French boat by the Tongans

earth oven Tongan games female boxers kava ceremony

Tongan men preparing an earth oven (umu)

athletes, boxing and fighting with sticks

Tongan female athletes boxing

a formal Tongan kava ceremony

nocturnal dance, Tonga Nomuka, Haapai Islands Tongan village fortifications, Tonga

nocturnal music and dance, Tonga

Tongan village Nomuka Island, Haapai Islands

an enclosure behind Tongan village houses

fortifications of Mafanga, Tonga

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