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De Rienzi  Tahiti 
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De Rienzi Tahiti

In 1836 M.G.L. Domeny de Rienzi's Océanie ou Cinquième Partie du Monde was published by Firmin Didot Frères in Paris, France.

The prints of Tahiti and French Polynesia which follow are from this classic three-volume work.

The images below are details. To view the complete engravings, click on the thumbnails.

Mahaiatea Marae, Tahiti marae at Paea, Tahiti sacrifice at Paea, Tahiti priestly mourner, Tahiti

the 11-step pyramid at Mahaiatea Marae, Papara, Tahiti

marae at Paea, where Capt. Cook witnessed a human sacrifice

human sacrifice at Paea, as witnessed by Cook in 1777

a priestly mourner before the cadaver of a chief, Tahiti

Tomb of Pomare II, Tahiti Matavai Bay, Tahiti missionaries at Matavai, Tahiti Tahitian women bathing

tomb of Pomare II, on the site of the Pomare V mausoleum, Tahiti

Matavai Bay, Tahiti, where the first Europeans landed

arrival of English missionaries in 1797 at Matavai, Tahiti

two Tahitian women bathing at a jungle pool, Tahiti

Fare, Huahine attack at Mangareva warriors at Nuku Hiva Marquesan artifacts

Fare at Huahine, as it appeared in the early 19th century

19th century sailors attacked, Mangareva, Gambier Islands

tattooed warriors at Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands

Marquesan symbols of authority: collar, belt, fan, and club

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