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Easter Island map

Easter Island Map

Easter Island is a territory of Chile midway between Tahiti and South America. The Spanish name is Isla de Pascua but to the Polynesian inhabitants it's Rapa Nui.

Easter Island is renowned for the huge statues or moai which once lined the island's shores gazing inland. All were destroyed during the tribal wars which predated European colonization but several dozen heads have since been reerected.

These and other archaeological remains are haunting reminders of the Pacific's most powerful ancient civilization.

Our Easter Island map illustrates the many travel possibilities on this small island.

The fabulous crater of Rano Kau and the ruins of the ceremonial center of Orongo offer views of tiny Motu Nui just offshore, once the focus of the birdman cult.

The islands greatest sight is Rano Raraku, the quarry from which the famous statues were dragged all around the island. Almost a hundred unfinished statues lie scattered on the slopes of the volcano still waiting to be moved.

There's some great hiking and horseback riding to be done along the coast of this intriguing island.

Easter Island is easily accessible by air from Tahiti and Santiago, Chile. Numerous hotels and guest houses are available in the main town, Hanga Roa. Several well organized tour operators make it easy to travel around this mystery island rich in history.


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