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American Samoa Map

American Samoa is the only United States territory south of the equator. Annexed as a naval base in 1900, it today serves no military function and instead supplies about half the canned tuna sold in American supermarkets.

The bulk of the population lives on the island of Tutuila, especially around Pago Pago Harbor, and most of American's Samoa's hotels, the government, and community college are also here.

Tutuila is an incredibly scenic high volcanic island with vertical mountainsides tumbling into the sea. It's a great place to be an observer of the impact of American consumerism on traditional Polynesia life.

Our American Samoa map also shows the quiet Manua Group, a hundred kilometers east of Tutuila. The islands of Ofu, Olosega, and Tau are, if anything, even more spectacular than Tutuila, and large parts of them are now part of American Samoa National Park.

Margaret Mead researched Coming of Age in Samoa on Tau. Only a few thousand people live on these picture perfect islands. There are no hotels but Ofu and Tau have a few small guesthouses and motels.

Inter Island Air flies to the islands of Manua from Pago Pago, itself connected to Honolulu by Hawaiian Airlines. Frequent commuter flights travel from American Samoa to nearby independent Samoa (formerly Western Samoa), 100 kilometers west.

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